Genossenschaft Studentenhaus ALV

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Since 1964, the Student House ALV (Studentenhaus ALV), a co-operative, has offered inexpensive living quarters to students who attend the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. At Wehntalerstrasse 41, which is located in the heart of Zurich, we rent out 65 rooms. Generally, we offer these rooms to international students and students who come from Cantons far away from Zurich. As one of the very few student houses in Zurich, we offer furnished rooms with en suites and a small kitchen area. Our low rent, the central location as well as other benefits mean that there is a long waiting list; one might have to wait up to a year for a room.

The co-operative is financially independant, self-supporting and politically and religiously neutral. Former occupants usually manage the property as a part-time, live-in commitment. This way we can maintain a close relationship with students and the original intention for the student house can live on.

More information regarding rooms and the co-operative can be found in the related sections of this website.